The Sweet Music Studio is a music education program in Granby, Massachusetts for teenagers and adults offering private online and in person lessons on mandolin-family and violin-family stringed instruments. In addition to providing music lessons, we stock musical instruments, accessories and strings. The Studio was founded in 1986 by musician Adam Sweet.

NOTE: due to the coronavirus, we are not offering in person lessons at this time, instead are offering an extensive array of online options. Private one-on-one lessons are offered through a program called Slack, similar to Facebook Messenger, but better. Group classes are offered through Google Meet, similar to Zoom, but with privacy and encryption. We are also not shipping products for sale at this time. Some things may be available for curbside pickup. Please ask.

What People Say

Learning to play the mandolin at my age is a wonderful thing!

Judy T.

Thank you for setting up the violin! It sounds so good.

Robert M.

The wedding music was wonderful. You made it very special.

Wendy M.

Let’s build something together.

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