Palatino Student Violin Outfits

Hello! My name is Adam Sweet. I’m the owner of Sweet Music. I am a violin & fiddle teacher. For more than 30 years, I have rented these violins to students who needed a good solid instrument that would last a long time and sound good as well. I discovered the Palatino line in the 1990s and have been quite satisfied with their quality and workmanship since.

Palatino Genoa Outfit

The Genoa Outfit includes a hand-carved full size violin constructed with maple back, sides and neck, spruce top, and ebony fittings. The outfit includes a good wooden bow, a fitted padded case with shoulder straps to make it easier to carry, and rosin for the bow.

Price: $195.00 plus tax

These violins are available for curbside pickup only due to the Coronavirus. I take PayPal for payment. The final price will include taxes.

Deluxe Extras

The Genoa Outfit includes a shoulder rest, a humidity detector, deluxe rosin, shoulder straps, a good wooden bow, a blanket and a sturdy outside pocket for music.

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